There’s No Place Like HOME!

This month has been crazy, crazy-fun!!  We have enjoyed a trip to the Rocky Mountains to celebrate Tommy and Kristy getting hitched; spent time with good friends and babies; celebrated our 4th anniversary; spent a happy birthday with my favorite sister; and relaxed with family at the Holland beach.




The highlight for us was celebrating 4 years of being married!  It was fabulously sweet.  The night before our anniversary we ate at our favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor, Pacific Rim:


I had the best meal of my life–Japanese Sablefish.

The night of our anniversary we dined at Sunnybrook Country Club, where our reception was:


Although it wasn’t quite the same as our reception, where we were surrounded by the 224 people we loved the MOST, it was good.

And we spent lots of “quality” time re-living the past 4 years through memories and photographs.  

But one of the best moments has been coming HOME, with my man, and my pup.

ImageBecause of this small house, I have learned a few NEW things about Matt in our 4th year of being married.  

Number 1: he’s handy!!  WHAT?1? I always knew he was “book-smart,” the whole medical school thing and all, but I had no idea that he would be able to re-do our entire house!! 

Number 2: he’s veryyyy patient.   I knew this, but not exactly HOW patient he is.  He has painted, repainted; stained, re-stained; and finished, re-finished numerous projects, all because of my indecisiveness.  

This house has been our project TOGETHER.  Our lives go in such different directions 80 percent of the time.  Matt spends most of his days at the hospital and I spend mine at the office, but this house is just ours.  A respite for which we are thankful.  It has been such a blessing to “invest” in this house with each other.  It’s not perfect, but it’s ours.

I pray that 50 years from now we will still have projects together (and that Matt doesn’t lose his patience).


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