old friend, NEW friend

This post will not be written in Dr. Seuss style continuing “one friend, two friend…” But rather is a short tag-on to my last post.  I blogged a bit about our trip and July adventures, but didn’t emphasize the blessed time we have been able to spend with OLD friends.

People that have known us since before there was a Wixson family, when we were Wix and Sar.  When Matt bustled around Hope College with a FRO and I wrote short stories and enjoyed JP’s on an almost daily basis.  People who supported us while we were dating, stood up in our wedding, and who have rallied for us during the past 4 years of marriage.

For some reason, we have been able to see MOST of these beloved people in the past 2 months and it has been refreshing.

This post isn’t meant to discount the awesome community we have here in Ann Arbor, but is a reminder that lengthy friendships are important.  Solid.

It is so easy to let friends “slip away.” It becomes too hard, or too much work to keep in touch with everyone, or at least that is what I tell myself.  But the last two months have been full of conversations with people who truly know us.  After three years of being buried in books, it is heart-warming to know these people didn’t give up on us because it was “too hard,” but were cheering us on.

I want to be that friend.

On a lighter note, I can’t help but post a few pics of the MOOSE friend we met in the mountains (somehow he was left out of my last post):


We saw a few Elk too, but they weren’t as impressive as the MOOSE:Image


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