From the Caribbean to the Pacifico, sand crabs, and a pup.

We have seen the mundo in the past few months, hence the blogging hiatus. There is not a good way to organize and blog about two trips, a new pup, the holidays, and a house project in one post but, here is an overview of the crazy, busy, breathtaking, fun-loving, work-a-bunch past few months.

We enjoyed the Christmas holiday with my extended family, the Lokers, on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas:



It was a blast with 27 Lokers all in one place.

We came home and worked, lots, for 5 weeks. During the 5 weeks at home we decided Stella needed a playmate. We checked out all of the local animal shelters and ended up at the Ann Arbor Humane Society. For those of you who live in the area and haven’t been there, check it out! We were extremely impressed with the staff, the way the animals are cared for, and the gorgeous building. We also met “Moogie,” a scared, matted, ball of fluff with sad eyes. Three days later, Moogie, who we re-named Lulu (yes this has to do with my Lululemon obsession) came home with us:


Yes, I know you’re thinking it, I married the best man (who is ok with toy poodle rescues and puppy sweaters). Lulu is doing awesome, even with her quirks, fears, and heartworm (another topic for another post).

We then left the pups with my mom and dad (HUGE HELP) and took off for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for an anesthesia conference. We stayed at the Hotel Fiesta Americana which was gorgeous:


We breathed in pacific salty air, tasted sweet churos, watched a man walk around with a bald puppet, and almost stepped on translucent sand crabs and it was glorious.



We also went on a few excursions involving mules, whales, zip-lining, and repelling.


But one thing I can’t wrap my head around since our Mexican vacay is that while I was eating jumbo coconut shrimp and drinking pina coladas, Edgar, one of the pool waiters, was making mas or menos 7 U.S. dollars for serving upwards of 50 people. That’s $2 less than one pina colada (but again another topic for another day).

Last, but not least, Matt has been hard at work finishing off our kitchen. He had an awesome idea to make a rustic-looking chalkboard to frame in our refrigerator: