A big ROCK.

Since June 8, 2012, we have been dreaming about our kitchen redo.  Purchasing different back-splashes, choosing and re-choosing countertops, and selecting appliances, the Jackson Road Lowe’s Kitchen Cabinet Department has come to know us by name, for real.  But today, 1.5 years later, we finally committed and tagged our “slabs” and I’m in love:

photo 4-3

photo 3-3

photo 1-4


We ended up choosing Brown Persa granite, a semi-exotic granite, that we purchased from Lowe’s.  Lowe’s uses a supplier ILSD–International Logistics and Stone Distribution–in Canton, Michigan.  So we headed to Canton this morning to tag our two slabs.  ILSD is awesome.  When we arrived, Rob pulled two slabs of the Brown Persa, explained the composition of the stone, and even took our picture, twice (the “better” photo is featured above).

Now we wait 2.5-3 weeks for the installation of our “big rock,” Matt’s term, not mine.

Meanwhile our 1/2 marathon is NEXT weekend, which I am excited and semi-nervous about.  We have the gear: the water belt, the right socks, shoes, and some Lululemon lovelies (not Matt, he’s all about Adidas); have almost completed the training plan; and I can’t wait to cross the finish line, together.

If you have any last-minute tips for us, I would love to hear them!  So far I have been specifically told about wearing socks on your hands to start, and not overdressing, but I would appreciate any others!



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